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Peter Capaldi Announces He is Quitting Doctor Who!

Posted on January 31st, 2017 at 7:50 am by    

Hurrah! Let the joyous news be spread…

Doctor Who star Peter Capaldi​ is quitting his role in the famous science fiction series, telling the BBC, “it’s time to go.” 

The Scotts Timelord will step down as the 12th actor to lead the British sci-fi Doctor Who at the end of the year. Oo-er!

The 55-year-old star started as the 12th reincarnation of the much-loved time lord in 2014 for the series’ eighth season.

In an interview on BBC Radio 2, he said: “it’s time to move on.”  Capaldi, the 12th actor to play the Doctor, an alien Time Lord who travels through space and time is expected to premiere his last season in April.

He added: “But I’m still Doctor Who. I’ve got a lot to do – we’re doing epic stuff. I’m not done yet.”

Capaldi is the fourth actor to play the enigmatic hero of time and space since the BBC relaunched the series in 2005. He followed in the footsteps of Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant, and Matt Smith.

And Capaldi isn’t the only person stepping down from the cult TV show this year. Showrunner Steven Moffat will be replaced by Chris Chibnall (Broadchurch) for the next season.

The Doctor is a member of an alien race of being called Timelords who travel through time and space in a Tardis, a vehicle shaped like a blue, telephone booth-like police-box.

The character is recast every few season as part of a quirk in which the character dies, then is regenerated in a new body. 

“Doctor Who,” first broadcast in 1963, is one of the BBC’s most popular programs around the world.

Don’t get me wrong… I think Capaldi is a great actor, he was just not the perfect Doctor Who. He was excellent as John Frobisher, a civil servant in 2009’s Torchwood: Children of Earth. In my opinion, he would have faired far better playing the The Master. But then Moffat got it wrong everytime!

Speculation began Tuesday about Capaldi’s replacement, candidates Richard Ayoade (er, NO), Rory Kinnear (Hmmm, not bad), Miranda Hart (er, NOOOOO), and David Harewood (NO, great in CW’s Supergirl, but NOT the Doctor!).

My favorite is Ben Whishaw — who plays Q in the James Bond 007 films – please give him the job!

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And Speaking of Royals…

Posted on November 3rd, 2016 at 8:11 am by    

British stars Claire Foy and Matt Smith looked royally regal at the premiere of their £100 million Netflix drama The Crown.

Foy, known for her roles as members of the royal family, plays the young Queen Elizabeth II in the stunning upcoming 10 part series.

Claire looked every inch a blue-blood in a stunning off-the-shoulder pink dress that featured detailed gold embroidery.

The 32-year-old looked delighted to be reunited with her co-star Matt, who plays Prince Philip.

Matt looked smart in a black suit and tie and gave Claire a hug as the posed on the red carpet, surrounded by actors posing as the Queen’s royal guards.

Also joining them at the premiere were The Fall’s Gillian Anderson and Gemma Oaten, who had a little fun while poking one of the royal guards.

Speaking about the series and their roles as the iconic monarchs, Claire and Matt said they saw Elizabeth and Philip as “real human beings”.

Claire told The Telegraph: “When you’re a British citizen, you just accept that they’re there and take them for granted. And then you stop and realise, hang on, this was a young couple with two young children who didn’t think this [their accession to the throne] would happen for another 20 years.

“Their lives change in an instant, while they’re still grieving and going through something terrible personally. I don’t know how anyone can’t sympathise with that.”

And so another binge watch begins!

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Jenna Coleman Quiet on Doctor Who Future!

Posted on September 11th, 2014 at 7:41 am by    

British star Jenna Coleman has insisted that she will not reveal whether or not she is leaving Doctor Who.

The actress, currently on screen with new Time Lord Peter Capaldi, is rumored to be quitting her role as companion Clara Oswald in hit the sci-fi show.

But she says: “There’s lots of rumors. We’ve sat down with [showrunner] Steven Moffat and we’ve all decided we don’t want anybody to know which way it’s going.

“If you know I’m in the next series – or if you know I’m off – you’ll know how the story ends.”

Asked about the Christmas episode, she added: “Because there’s a surprise we’ve got coming, it’s much better that nobody knows which way it’s going to go – so that’s where we’re trying to keep it at the moment…

“That’s all I should probably say.”

But she added of her character: “It all becomes rather chaotic, as you can imagine, and that doesn’t work at all – it becomes quite impossible.”

Capaldi recently insisted that he was “not looking for a new assistant”.

“I don’t know where these rumors have started,” he said. “What I can say is she is absolutely fabulous.

“She’s been called upon to do things that I don’t think any other companion has had to do, to show a kind of emotional range and I think she’s done it absolutely brilliantly.”

Well, Capaldi might not be looking for a “new assistant”; however, Moffatt should be looking for a new Doctor… Personally, Capaldi as the new Time Lord does STILL not convince me… Sure, he is a good actor, but by far, he is worse Doctor since its re-boot in 2005.

Sadly, from me, it’s a big thumbs down!

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Can Peter Capaldi’s Doctor Who Win Over the Show’s Loyal Fans?

Posted on August 14th, 2014 at 9:56 am by    

It’s the TV series that’s been hotly anticipated by Whovians across America.

And as Peter Capaldi gears up to step into Doctor Who’s shoes, millions will be tuning in to see exactly how the Time Lord bursts onto their TV screens when series eight kicks off on August 23 on BBC America.

Capaldi, who will be making his first appearance in Deep Breath as the 12th Time Lord, will be adding a dark twist to the much-loved character – with Jenna Coleman alongside him as his trusted assistant, Clara Oswald.

The trailer has already given viewers a tantalizing taster of the exciting new series – which is set in Victorian London and promises a journey ‘into darkness’, according to the Doctor. From a Tyrannosaurus Rex marching past Big Ben, to the Cybermen and the Daleks, this season promises to be a nail-biter – with the Time Lord asking Clara: ‘Am I a good man?’

To which she replies: ‘I don’t know.’ … Oo-er!

Just how well Capaldi captures the show’s critical viewers remains to be seen!

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Daniel Radcliffe Wants To Play Robin in Batman!

Posted on June 26th, 2014 at 9:23 am by    

In an interview with BuzzFeed, Daniel Radcliffe has revealed that he’d love to star in an upcoming ‘Batman’ movie as the Dark Knight’s sidekick Robin in the upcoming super-flick Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Asked which franchise he’d like to join next, his rapid-fire answer said it all.

“Batman,” he said. “If they reboot that again, I’ll do that, too. It’s happening isn’t it? With Ben Affleck. I could be Robin. I’m perfect.”

It’s no secret that DC fans would love to see Dick Grayson on the big screen. There’s even been plenty of rumours that we might see Nightwing team up with Ben Affleck’s Batman in ‘Batman V Superman’.

But will he appear as Robin? And who will play him? I’m willing to bet that ‘Daniel Radcliffe’ isn’t the name that instantly comes to mind.

Of course, after starring in the ‘Harry Potter’ franchise, he’s already built up a very solid relationship with Warner Bros. Studios. But is that really enough to land him a part as the big-screen Boy Wonder?

“Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice” is scheduled for a May 2016 release.

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BBC’s Master Plan: Could Doctor Who Face An old Enemy?

Posted on June 18th, 2014 at 9:08 am by    

Brace yourselves Doctor Who fans! BBC bosses are secretly plotting to bring the Time Lord’s archenemy back for a big season finale big cliffhanger… Oo-er!And, it is rumored they are looking for a Hollywood actor to take on the role.

Filming will take place next month but will be done inside a TV studio to avoid spoilers…

The last time fans saw The Master – who has been a recurring character on the sci-fi show since 1971 – was in 2010.

In a story called The End Of Time, the villain – played by John Simm – tried to control the human race only for his plans to be thwarted. It ended with the rogue Time Lord being shot by his own wife.

He refused to regenerate and The Doctor played then by David Tennant, cremated The Master’s body on a funeral pyre.

However, his ring did not burn, and viewers saw a mystery female with long, red fingernails, who was a member of a coven loyal to The Master retrieve it.

Now, whispers suggest the character is being brought back to life. Rumors have been rife that The Master, originally played by the late Roger Delgado, might return. In one forthcoming story in the new series, the new Doctor, played by Peter Capaldi, 56, heads to Lanzarote to re-visit the scene of an old adventure.

The last time he was there was in 1984 for a story called Planet Of Fire and The Master was at the centre of the action. Ex-Time Lord actor Sylvester McCoy also teased at a fan convention earlier this year that the schemer might be back.

Can’t wait to see how this story unfolds!

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Benedict Cumberbatch Initially deemed “not sexy enough” for Sherlock!

Posted on May 28th, 2014 at 10:24 am by    

According to UK’s Radio Times magazine, Doctor Whoshow-runner Steven Moffat has revealed that the BBC wasn’t always happy with his casting choices of his other hit show Sherlock.

Specifically: They didn’t think David Tennant was a sexy enough Casanova, and shockingly, they thought the same of international British star Benedict Cumberbatch, who apparently lacked a certain sex appeal.

“They said of casting David Tennant as Casanova, ‘Damn, you should have cast someone sexier’,” Moffat said.

“With Benedict Cumberbatch, we were told the same thing. “You promised us a sexy Sherlock, not him,” the BBC said about the casting, according to Moffat.

Although Tennant and Cumberbatch’s features are each chiseled in a somewhat idiosyncratic way, each has become a heart-throb, with Cumberbatch even prompting an online army of Cumberbitches, in thrall to his every movement.

Moffat wryly lamented the actor’s success, saying “it can be quite annoying too if you’re scheduling a damn show.”

The next series of “Sherlock” won’t emerge for another two years thanks to scheduling difficulties with its key players.

In the meantime, Cumberbatch will tackle a brace of Shakespeare heavyweights in Hamlet at the UK’s Barbican Theater and Richard III on BBC2. Cumber patch is also talks to play the brother of organised crime lord Whitey Bulger opposite Johnny Depp in a biopic.

Oe-er, he sounds busy… Not bad for someone without any, er, sex appeal!

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Who’s in a Space Suit?!

Posted on May 22nd, 2014 at 7:02 am by    

Doctor Who is already a spaceman… But here we see the telly Time Lord swap his dapper black coat and shoes for an orange space suit and moon boots.

Who’s new star Scots actor Peter Capaldi, was snapped filming a forthcoming episode of the BBC sci-fi show, which is back this on our screen this coming fall.It’s rumored that the Doctor and his sidekick Clara play by Jenna Coleman land on a new planet to explore some grisly goings on.

But instead of heading into space, the producers had to make do with a small seaside town called Port Talbot in south Wales… Er, not so exciting!

The new series will feature a host of adventures including a take on Robin Hood called “The Robots Of Sherwood” with Ben Miller, playing the Sheriff of Nottingham as well as a story about an Egyptian mummy on the Orient Express.

Ooh, sounds rather interesting. Can’t wait for the new season to start, I’m sure Capaldi won’t disappoint the shows loyal fans!

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