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UK RICH LIST Unveiled: Simon Cowell and Singer Adele Rise Rank!

Posted on May 18th, 2014 at 7:40 am by    

The UK’s top music millionaires have been compiled for the new Sunday Times Rich List, which will be published at the weekend.

Simon Cowell looking properly minted thanks to the success of his TV shows Britain’s Got Talent and The X Factor.

And the 54-year-old’s SYCO record label has boomed thanks to acts including One DirectionLeona Lewis, 29, and Susan Boyle, 53.

Cowell’s £300m fortune place the father-of-one as the eighth richest music millionaire. He owns a £13m home in Beverly Hills, a £10m villa in Barbados, a  £7.5m pilein London and other properties in Malaga and Dubai.

Len Blavatnik, 56, owner of Warner Music, tops the list of the UK- based wealthy, with a fortune of £10billion.

Musicals mogul Sir Cameron Mackintosh, 67, is singing all the way to the bank in third, as he’s worth £1bn.

Sir Paul McCartney, 71, takes fourth with £710m, while Irish rock band U2 are sixth with £428m.

Sir Elton John, 67, makes the top 10 with £260m, and Sir Mick Jagger, 70, rolls into 12th with £215m.

Posh Spice’s pop star past sees Victoria Beckham, 40, and husband David, 39, tot up £210m to take 13th place.

Meanwhile, singer Adele, 26, heads the list of those aged 30 and under, with a fortune of £45m.

And One Direction have a combined wealth of £70m, making its members worth £14m each.

This has jumped from £5m for Niall Horan, 20, Zayn Malik, 21, Liam Payne, 20, Harry Styles, 20, and Louis Tomlinson, 22, in 2013.

The former X Factor judge has a fortune of £16m, while Lewis is worth £13m.Take That star Gary Barlow is now estimated to be worth £65 million – more than doubling the £30 million he held five years ago, while Geordie babe Cheryl Cole, 30, and pop star Leona Lewis join Adele as the only females in the top 10.

The list is based on land, property, and other assets such as art, racehorses and stocks and shares.


1 Len Blavatnik: £10bn

2 Clive Calder, record label owner: £1.4bn

3 Sir Cameron Mackintosh: £1bn

4 Sir Paul McCartney: £710m

5 Lord Lloyd-Webber: £640m

6 U2: £428m

7 Simon Fuller, music manager: £382m

8= Simon Cowell: £300m

8= Mohammad and Kamaliya Zahoor, record label boss and ex Miss World: £300m

10 Sir Elton John: £260m

11 Baron Palumbo, arts supporter: £250m

12 Sir Mick Jagger: £215m

13 David and Victoria Beckham: £210m

14 Rolling Stone Keith Richards: £200m

15 Riverdance star Michael Flatley: £193m

16 Olivia and Dhani Harrison, George Harrison’s widow and son: £190m

17 Sting: £180m

18 Ringo Starr: £170m

19 Roger Waters of Pink Floyd: £160m

20 Denis Desmond and Caroline Downey, music promoters: £153m



1 Soulful singer Adele: £45m

2 Producer and DJ Calvin Harris: £30m

3 Cheryl Cole: £16m

4= Niall Horan: £14m

4= Zayn Malik: £14m

4= Liam Payne: £14m

4= Harry Styles: £14m

4= Louis Tomlinson: £14m

9= Leona Lewis: £13m

9= Marcus Mumford from Mumford & Sons: £13m

11 Singer Katie Melua: £12m

12= Pop star Jessie J: £10m

12= Singer Florence Welch from Florence + the Machine: £10m

14 Alex Turner, lead singer with Arctic Monkeys: £9m

15= Charlotte Church: £8m

15= Ted Dwane, Ben Lovett and Winston Marshall from Mumford & Sons: £8m each

15= Singer and telly presenter Olly Murs: £8m

15= Rapper Dizzee Rascal: £8m

15= Singer Emeli Sande: £8m

15= Jamal Edwards, urban music guru from SB.TV: £8m

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Leona Lewis Once Smashed a Hotel Room in Rage!

Posted on December 18th, 2013 at 6:39 am by    

Bleeding Love singer Leona Lewis is a true rock and roller at heart after admitting she once smashed up a hotel room in rage and got so boozed up she was sick. Oo-er!

While doing the rounds at a bunch of Christmas showbiz bashes the singer, 28, said: “I smashed up my hotel room because I was angry. I gave the table a kick and I didn’t think it would fall over.

“I normally do it so that it won’t damage things but things got smashed. Champagne glasses broke. I had bad rage.”

When she’s not racking up vandalism bills at hotels, Leona apparently just loves to go out and get completely sloshed with her mates.

The Miss goody two-shoes of pop continued: “We do fun stuff and go out to bars.

“They are the kind of friends I can get roaring drunk around and let loose.

“They have seen my worst side 150 times.

They’ve been through the ups and downs and the hair-holding when I’m so drunk I’m sick.”

And it sounds like Leona’s mates are just as nuts as she now claims to be.

The wannabe wild child explained that she got her pals to appear in the video for her Christmas single, One More Sleep, but they struggled to be sensible.

She admitted: “They were on their best behaviour and still they were a bit mental.

“They were chucking s*** around the kitchen. My friend has dreads and we were putting fl our in his hair as he can’t wash it.

“He wanted to kill us.”

It’s time to get off your butt and release another record I reckon dear!

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Leona Lewis is Dating One Direction’s Liam Payne!

Posted on November 21st, 2012 at 5:39 pm by    

Singer Leona Lewis has finally given our eager ears some juice on where her relationship with One Direction boybander Liam Payne actually stands.

According to early reports, Lewis and Payne started a hush-hush romance back in September of this year.

Now, 27 year-old Lewis has been publicly raving about her new fella even though she said she would never talk to the media or her fans about dating the heartthrob.

Lewis says the couple tries see each other when they can. She said: “You’d be surprised how much we have in common. He’s great.”

She added: “It’s cute. I’m having fun and enjoying myself. If you have a bond with someone, age doesn’t come into it. I’d date someone younger or older — it doesn’t matter to me. Or looks, really — it’s all about maturity.”  Oo-er, Leona!

One Direction came in third place on the “X Factor” U.K. in 2010 and Lewis was the winner of the 2006 series. So this pair has a lot in common…Good luck to them!

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Leona Flashes a Bit of Flesh in a Cropped Rockabilly Shirt!

Posted on August 2nd, 2010 at 6:07 pm by    

Leona Lewis has always had a very demure image, but it seems that now she is single she’s vamping up her image.

The singer stepped out in a cropped checked shirt and fishnets as she went out clubbing last night to Whiskey Mist.

The night was 50s themed so she completed the look with a rockabilly quiff.

Leona went along to the club after going out for dinner with her friend, the designer William Tempest, and afterwards she tweeted: ‘Had a lovely vegetarian dinner hosted by William Tempest last night. Got to wear one of his beautiful creations too.’

She obviously did a quick change into her 50s ensemble!

I think Leona looks great and it’s fab to see her experimenting with her image – as long as she doesn’t head down the Britney Spears crotch-flashing route then a little bit of flesh is all good!

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Leona’s Stage Outfit Doesn’t Have the X Factor!

Posted on June 28th, 2010 at 7:02 am by    

If I was Leona Lewis‘ stylist this morning I might want to go into hiding for causing the most awful wardrobe malfunction of the year.

The singer bounced (yup, literally) on stage in Dublin the other night looking less like the winning X Factor superstar she is and more like some tacky eighties “has been” holding on to what “used to be” – that look so went out with Sheila E!

Now, don’t get me wrong I think Leona is simply gorge, but this outfit is a big NO, NO!

Never mind sweetie, better luck next time.

Message to to stylist … A push-up bra would have certainly helped!

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Glee All Round as Both Kelly and Matt’s Teams Win!

Posted on June 23rd, 2010 at 3:57 pm by    

After splitting with boyfriend Danny Cipriani, Kelly Brook‘s not sitting around and crying into her Hagen Daz.

In fact she looked positively Glee-ful as she watched the footy with my neighbour Matthew Morrison in London today, dressed in a crop top that flashed her toned tum.

The pair arrived together at a pub to watch England beat Slovenia 1-0 in the World Cup, although American Matthew must have been pleased that the USA side went through to the next round too.

And this isn’t Matt and Kel’s first meeting. They were spotted talking to each other at The Wolseley last week.

But Matthew has denied there’s any romance, saying: ‘It is a nightmare. I just feel bad for those other people because I don’t want to drag anyone else into it. I’m friendly with a lot of people and just going to dinner with someone turns into [something else].’

Matthew also appeared on stage with songbird Leona Lewis last week, and coincidentally Leona is also newly single, not to mention that night on the town with Richard Branson’s daughter Holly. It seems like he’s having that effect on the ladies of London!

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Matt’s How You Make an Entrance, Leona!

Posted on June 15th, 2010 at 8:34 am by    

Calling all Gleeks! My super-talented neighbor Matthew Morrison managed to create a stir last night when he went to party at London hotspot Mahiki – even upstaging Leona Lewis.

The Glee star showed up in a trilby and scarf, not looking unlike style icon Jude Law (but in a Gleeky kind of way), and the paps went crazy. So despite a brilliant performance at the O2 Arena, Leona had her limelight stolen by Will Schuester.

Glee has been this year’s runaway TV success with fans on both sides of the pond loving the feelgood factor of singalong TV. I have been known to belt out a bit of Journey myself!

I wonder if Matt and Leona got chatting inside. I’d like to see her make a guest appearance on the show … Now wouldn’t that be fab, eh?!

UPDATE: Matt was Leona’s guest at the O2 Center in London last night, check out this video …

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Leona’s a Bit Accident Prone-a!

Posted on June 3rd, 2010 at 8:12 am by    

Talk about accident-prone!  X Factor winner Leona Lewis had to be rescued after narrowly escaping a serious injury after falling down an elevator shaft at a recent concert in Sheffield, England.

The Bleeding Love singer was quoted as saying: “We have been having problems with the lift. It had been going fine in rehearsals and then I had a bit of an accident and fell down the lift shaft. It was quite scary.”

She added: “I was lucky not to get injured. Fortunately it happened during a blackout on set and didn’t affect the show and none of the audience saw anything. I got a shock and had to be rescued.”

After series of unfortunate events, such as being punched in the face by a crazy fan and head butted by her horse, I’d have to honor Lewis with the award for luckiest celebrity still standing… I wonder what her insurance company has to say about all of this?!

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