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Kelly O’ Sued For Defamation by Ozzy Osbourne’s Ex-Mistress!

Posted on August 30th, 2016 at 7:41 pm by    

Rarely do I go so tabloid in my column… But I had to report this one… Ozzy Osbourne’s mistress is suing his daughter, Kelly, for defamation. Whaaaaaaa’, huh?!?!

Celebrity stylist Michelle Pugh filed a lawsuit Wednesday in Los Angeles County Superior Court, the New York Daily News reports. In the suit, Pugh says she was “slut-shamed, bullied and harassed for allegedly breaking up a marriage” and “wrongfully accused of a crime.”

Her complaints come after a series of tweets sent by Kelly Osbourne in May that addressed her father’s affair. In one tweet she wrote, “Anyone looking for cheap chunky LOW-lights a blow out and a blowjob call (Pugh’s phone number).”

When one of her followers responded by asking why the affair would only be one person’s fault and saying it “takes two to tango,” the Black Sabbath rocker’s daughter replied: “My father is almost 70. Ever heard of elder abuse?”

Though Kelly O’ deleted the first tweet, Pugh’s lawsuit says the damage had been done, and the tweets sparked a “rash of mass cyber-bullying,” according to the Daily News.

The lawsuit comes just as Pugh told People this week the musician gave her “the greatest love of my life” and Ozzy Osbourne downplayed the relationship, with his representative telling the magazine he has gone into “intense therapy” for sex addiction.


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Kelly O’ Bounces Back With Confidence!

Posted on April 17th, 2013 at 5:20 pm by    

After battling low self-esteem issues for years, Kelly Osbourne looks more confident than ever after losing 70 pounds and keeping it off.

The purple-haired daughter of Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne has opened up about going from a wild reality star struggling with her weight and addiction, to a health-focused fashion icon who happy with her body.

The E! Fashion Police host told the May edition to Self Magazine it has taken four years and a lot of growing to lose 70 pounds: ‘[I figured] out there is no such thing as perfection.’

Now, the 28-year-old is letting others know her secret to weight loss success – putting health before being skinny and get ready to sweat.

“If I had known that earlier, I wouldn’t have been such a f**k up.”

Kelly has been very open about her struggles with drug addiction but has been clean for a number of years.

“The only thing I can be is me. I’m not perfect. I make mistakes.

“And my body is not perfect, either, but I love it.

“It will never be perfect but I do not want it to be. That’s so boring!”

Good for Kelly! I love me a bit of Kelly O’ … She’s one of the better Brits flying the flag in LA… Keep up the good work, Kel’!

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Surprisingly, Kelly O’ Gets Kylie Excited!

Posted on June 24th, 2012 at 7:22 am by    

They say time heals all wounds… Not two years ago this picture of Kelly Osbourne cuddling up with Australian pop singer Kylie Minogue wouldn’t have been possible…

This must mean the enormous rift between the Minogues and the Osbournes is done and dusted, if Kelly’s gushing comments placed on Twitter are anything to go by. Hoorah, the hatchet has been buried…and not in Kylie’s head, er, thankfully…

The Fashion Police host took to the popular social networking site to post a snap of herself and Kylie looking as if they were the best of chums, ahead of Kylie’s appearance on the popular E! style show…

She wrote: “@kylieminogue is the most beautiful person inside and out don’t miss her on @e_fashionpolice tonight at 10pm.” 

Oo-er, how fickle the showbiz world is. I thought the camera never lies!

Let me refresh you, a few years back Kylie’s little sister Dannii Minogue and Sharon Osbourne had come to blows after Dannii made public in her autobiography the many behind the scene bust-ups with Sharon on the UK’s X Factor show.

The Osbourne matriarch had allegedly made Dannii cry after screaming and swearing at her minutes before she was due to go live on television.

Their differences then resurfaced in 2010 when Kelly leapt to her mother’s defense labeling Dannii a ‘devil’ on Twitter after the comments made about Sharon upset her.

She said: “Trust me when I say Dannii is the devil. To the 12 dannii fans out there i ask you this question what would you do if someone wrote a book of lies about your mother?” 

“The best thing to happen to Dannii’s career was that my mother hated her.” Ouch!

To be fair, at the time, Kylie played peacemaker by publicly stating on a UK radio show that she thought the Osbournes and Minogues should forget their differences, saying that Dannii didn’t want to continue the slanging match and neither did she.

Kylie said: “You’ve got the Osbournes kicking off and the Minogues kicking off, and you want to defend your family – that’s only right,

“I don’t want to be involved in this hoo-haa, but I definitely think it was real at the time. Let bygones be bygones!”

Clearly, those days are well and truly behind them… On the other hand, is this just a case of keeping your “frenemies” close? Hmm, better the ‘Devil’ you know, eh Kelly?!

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Bedraggled at Bedtime! Kelly Osbourne Tweets Picture in Her PJs…

Posted on June 15th, 2012 at 8:44 am by    

Kelly Osbourne makes a living out of casting a critical eye as the host E!’s Fashion Police

So where was Joan Rivers when Osbourne tweeted this picture to her two million fans, make-up free along with the words: “Just found my favorite pj’s! Got to be up at 5am for @e_fashionpolice thank god for my jet lag & comfy bed night night #tweethearts?.”

Some news-blogs had suggested that Osbourne looked a little “bedraggled,” and true, the image is a far cry from some of her recent red carpet looks (inset picture). But she can be forgiven, as it was bedtime after all.

27-year-old Kelly then tweeted: “Hope my Chinese gets here B4 i pass out Im craving sizzling rice soup like a women possessed but my eyeballs might need tooth picks #jetlag.”

No sooner had the Chinese arrived the British star added: “In bed/heaven with all my delicious Chinese Veggies!”

One thing that is apparent in this pic, how Kelly continues to improve her waistline… I mean seriously, Kelly O’s waist is literally disintegrating right before our eyes.

Clearly, those Chinese Veggies are working for her!

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The Osbournes to Return… Animated!

Posted on May 25th, 2012 at 7:30 am by    

There’s just no stopping that Osbourne clan… Sharon, Ozzy, Jack, and Kelly, could be getting another primetime TV series very soon!

This time around, the British family based in Los Angeles, has teamed up with Canadian studio Cuppa Coffee to create an animated comedy sitcom series in the same style as The SimpsonsAmerican Dad and Family Guy.

She show, aptly titled The F’n Osbournes, will be executive produced by America’s Got Talent judge, Sharon (who else) and son Jack.

The show has shot 20 episodes, which is currently being shopped around, and both Osbournes [Jack and Sharon] have been involved in developing the scripts.

Of the cartoon series, Sharon said: “Teaming up with Cuppa Coffee has spawned a great opportunity to produce a unique animated prime-time show.”

Adam Shaheen, founder of Cuppa Coffee, said, “Although it is a cartoon, it’s certainly not one for little kids, bearing in mind the family that are at the root of it.”

What a great idea… Cuppa Coffee claim however, the “F” in “The F’n Osbournes” stands for… Er, “Family”… Um, really?!


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Pants to Orlando’s Neon Shockers!

Posted on May 17th, 2012 at 9:08 am by    

Quick; call Kelly Osbourne and her Fashion Police now!

Orlando Bloom is living proof that it’s never too early to become the embarrassing dad in a child’s life…

The British actor took his 16-month-old son Flynn for a stroll along the beach wearing a pair of eye-catching bright neon yellow trousers and yellow running shoes…

But little Flynn didn’t seem to mind in the slightest how his daddy looked, he was full of proud smiles and laughter as he ran along the beach holding his dad’s hand.

The father and son were spotted in Wellington, New Zealand where Bloom is currently shooting his latest movie, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, in which he is reprising his role as Legolas Greenleaf.

By the looks of it though, I’d guess it was Orlando who dressed little Flynn that day, and not his model mum Miranda Kerr, check out his yellow shoes, they’re just like the one’s daddy is wearing!

Oh well, as they say, like father like son…

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Oi, Got Milk?! Hardman Vinnie Fronts Healthy Campaign…

Posted on May 12th, 2012 at 7:32 am by    

Hollywood hardman Vinnie Jones has just landed the ultimate “moo-vie” role.  Jones is the latest in a long list of stars to sign to up for the prestigious “Got Milk” marketing campaign, that encourages folk drink more milk.

Sick of the liquor, eh Vinnie?

For years, A-list stars have donned the trademark white tache in the ads, which carry the slogan “Got Milk?”

The football star-turned-actor is shown sporting the ‘milk moustache’ while holding a glass of the white drink aloft in the latest offering for the health drive.

Vinnie said: “I need to stay lean and not eat any crap – that’s why I love milk so much. It tastes great and it’s good for you. I eat a lot of cereal and drink a lot of tea – though it’s hard to find a decent cuppa in LA.”

Jonesy is in good company, other names that have appeared in the advertisements are David BeckhamSalma Hayek, Harry Potter’s Rupert Grint, and Kelly Osbourne to name a few…

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Kelly O’ Gropes Co-host Joan Rivers’ Boob and Makes Nice With Xtina!

Posted on May 1st, 2012 at 3:03 pm by    

Kelly Osbourne certainly knows how to “grab”… um, headlines! On a red carpet full of E! hosts such as the KardashiansRyan Seacrest and Joan Rivers, you would have to do something out of the ordinary to upstage that lot.

And if there is one person who will give it a go, it is our very own expert attention-grabbing, Kelly O!

Miss Osbourne couldn’t help herself as she um, “grabbed” a feel of her Fashion Police co-host, Joan’s breast upon arrival to the E! 2012 Upfront bash.

The 27 year-old arrived at New York’s Gotham Hall for the event looking gorgeous and very trim I must say, in a black and white checked dress. And it wasn’t long before the groping incident took place, leaving Rivers, 78, and daughter Melissa in complete joyous shock.

The boob-grabbing rather set the tone for their fun night out, as Kelly later Tweeted an insight into some of Joan’s antics from the night when she appeared on stage. Kelly wrote, “Joan Rivers just told everyone at #EUpfronts that she has not felt her vagina in 10 years I almost p**sed myself!” Not so shocking after all, eh!?…

In other Kelly O news, could the feud between our Kel’ and her nemesis Christina Aguilera really be over?

Well, perhaps not over, but the arch- enemies could at least be on their way to calling a truce, and it was Kelly who sensibly made the first move.

While appearing on Bravo TV’s Watch What Happens Live, in a segment called “Plead the fifth,” host Andy Cohen asked Kelly to say three nice things about Christina Aguilera.

Instead of “pleading the fifth” to avoid complimenting Xtina, Osbourne happily to responded to Cohen’s question by saying, “I think she’s looking way better right now, she’s got a great voice and she’s got a beautiful son.”

The feud between the pair started last August when Kelly openly blasted Christina on her show, Fashion Police, saying; “Maybe she is just becoming the fat b**** she was born to be”, after Aguilera’s much noticeable weight gain…

I doubt very much that Kelly’s recent compliments will bring an entire end to the feud but hey, it’s a start…

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