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John Barrowman Teases A New Series With Captain Jack!

Posted on November 29th, 2017 at 6:51 pm by    

Back in 2006 the Doctor Who fan-favorite, Captain Jack Harkness — played by British star John Barrowman — wandered into his own spin-off journey entitled Torchwood. Oo-er!

While Barrowman made cameos for another five years on Doctor Who, fans were ecstatic to get a brand new show with their favorite omnisexual alien hunter. Torchwood lived on for five years, ending in 2011. Despite the shows dismissal, Barrowman still hasn’t hung up Captain Jack’s trench coat quite yet.

Barrowman started the Torchwood comic book series in 2016 alongside his sister, Carole, under Titan Comics. The Torchwood fanfare has lived elsewhere, first in Barrowman’s novel Exodus Code and by Big Finish Production’s Torchwood audio series. However, recently at Megacon Tampa Bay, Barrowman teased that a brand new series is coming out. And the series will reunite Captain Jack with his estranged flame/frenemy, Captain John Hart.

As reported by Cosplay and Coffee, Barrowman let slip the details about the new series during his panel at MegaCon saying: “There’s a great new series going to come out with Torchwood. I’m probably saying something out of line, but Kelsey’s [his assistant] not here to tell me not to say it.”

Barrowman goes on to explain that the story takes place in the present, with the two former lovers reminiscing on their time back when they first met. Producer James Goss told Big Finish News that the new series will be Torchwood at the helm of Captain John after he goes back in time and takes over Captain John’s previous life.

The official synopsis reads:  Big Finish News reported that this news series is entitled, The Death of Captain Jack in which James Marsters returns from his 10 year hiatus as Captain John. We last saw Captain John (played by Marsters) in the televised Season 2 of Torchwood after a rough relationship. Since his last appearance in 2008, Marsters has only talked about reprising the role.

Big Finish Production also released a sinister audio teaser with Captain John speaking to Captain Jack on his deathbed: “They tell me you’re dying. I had to see it with my own eyes. I wanted to tell you a story. About a life you didn’t have, Jack. The life I stole from you. I came here to tell you about Torchwood.”

The new series audio play comes out in their monthly range in March 2018.

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Unfinished ‘Doctor Who’ Story ‘Shada’ Regenerates on DVD!

Posted on October 12th, 2017 at 9:50 am by    

Tom Baker & Co. have returned to complete an unfinished Fourth Doctor story—36 years after it was abandoned.

Written by Douglas Adams, “Shada” was intended for broadcast as the final serial of the 1979-80 season.

But union strikes interrupted filming, leaving only fragments of a fable—ironically, one of Baker’s “favorite” Doctor Who tales, according to BBC.

“I have many fond memories of shooting the location scenes in Cambridge, and it was disappointing not to finish the story in studio,” he said.

Now, nearly four decades later, BBC Worldwide is set to release a two-disc version that blends original footage with new color animations and voiceovers by OG cast members Tom Baker and Lalla Ward (who played companion Romana II).

“I’m so glad [BBC] have found a way to bring fans a complete visual version,” Baker added.

The narrative revolves around the planet Shada, where Time Lords have built a high-security prison for some of the universe’s most dangerous criminals. Think DC Comics’ Iron Heights Penitentiary, but with Daleks, Cybermen, and Zygons.

Trouble begins brewing when Skagra (from the planet Dronoid) resolves to visit Shada, where he will extract inmates’ felonious knowledge. In an effort to find the hidden world, he calls upon a Time Lord, masquerading on Earth as Professor Chronotis at St. Cedd’s College in Cambridge, who, in turn, calls on his old friend and protege, the Doctor. 

Location filming and the first of three studio sessions were completed as scheduled in 1979. But the second studio block was bollixed up by a technicians’ dispute at the broadcasting company; the strike ended in time for the third recording session, but was shelved to make way for Christmas programming. 

Despite attempts by new Doctor Who producer John Nathan-Turner to resume the episodes—scheduled for air Jan. 19-Feb. 23, 1980—production of “Shada” was formally dropped that summer.

If the title sounds familiar, it’s because a number of versions have already been issued.

The BBC finally completed the story with new effects, a score, and linking narration by Baker; six shortened episodes were given a 111-minute VHS release in 1992.

In 2003, the broadcaster commissioned Big Finish to remake “Shada” as a 40th-anniversary audio play, joining Paul McGann as the Eighth Doctor with original cast members Ward and John Leeson (as the voice of K9).

Elements of the story, meanwhile, were recycled by Douglas Adams in his novel “Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency” (readers might remember Professor Chronotis and his time machine). BBC Books later published a novelization of the serial, penned by Gareth Roberts.

And, come Nov. 24, “Shada” will be released as a digital download, available Dec. 4 in the UK on DVD (£19.99/$26.37) and Blu-ray (£24.99/$32.97 or £39.39/$51.97 for the illustrated Steelbook).

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An Unexpected Twist Had David Bradley Sobbing in Doctor Who Christmas Special!

Posted on September 7th, 2017 at 8:46 am by    

What could Harry Potter star David Bradley be talking about?

In a session at the London Film and Comic Con event, the actor who plays the First Doctor in this year’s upcoming Doctor Who Christmas special talked about a scene from the episode that he says left both himself and departing Twelfth Doctor Peter Capaldi close to tears – and that somehow came as a surprise to them. Oo-er!

It apparently involves some unexpected events that took place around them as they were filming, which seems pretty unprecedented in the world of scripted TV, and makes it sound as if they deliberately had a surprise sprung on them.

What it might be who can say, but the fact that the special is likely to end with Capaldi’s farewell and regeneration and perhaps Bradley’s as well means something emotional isn’t too much of a surprise – but the fact that they didn’t know it was coming certainly is.

What can it all mean? Here’s what happened in Bradley’s own words, so you can judge for yourselves…

“There’s an event towards the end of [the Christmas special] that happens and when it happened, well, we just did a take and neither Peter nor I expected it.

“There was no CGI involved, it was all happening and we were both almost blubbing by the time that the take ended. I can’t say, I’m not going to say, what it was but it was quite an event and we weren’t prepared for all the things that were going to be going on around us as we were doing our dialogue.

“And as I say to you, we got quite lumpy. They’ve kept that out of the trailer but it takes it all to another dimension…”

A multi-Doctor episode, a regeneration, the introduction of the first female Doctor, a farewell to Capaldi – and now this. It’s pretty clear this is going to be a very special episode of Doctor Who – and it’s going to get emotional… 

I can’t wait… Roll on Christmas!

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Bradley Walsh Rumored to Play Doctor Who’s New Assistant!

Posted on August 24th, 2017 at 7:05 am by    

According to reports TV star Bradley Walsh, 57,  has been rumored to play Doctor Who‘s new sidekick in the first female-led version of the show.

BBC execs buckled to trend earlier this year when they announced actress Jodie Whittaker as the first ever female Doctor in Whittaker – who was recently unveiled as the new Time Lord set to make her debut in the forthcoming Christmas special. 

Although reports have not been confirmed by the BBC, Walsh or Whittaker, fans have already expressed their excitement online.

Actor Matt Lucas, who was a sidekick to Peter Capaldi‘s Doctor, wrote on Twitter: “No idea if the story about Bradley Walsh being in Doctor Who is true, but if it is then I love it. #TeamBradley.”

Watford-born entertainer Walsh, who presents The Chase quiz show on ITV, previously starred in Coronation Street and recently enjoyed success with a singing career.

The BBC casting is still top secret. But funnyman Walsh has told friends he is thrilled – even if it means he will have to lighten his ITV presenting workload.

A source said: “Bradley is super excited to be joining the cast of Doctor Who in such a key role.

“It means that his schedule over the coming months will be jam-packed – so he won’t be able to continue with the full range of programmes he currently makes for ITV.

“But, crucially, it won’t affect his role as presenter of The Chase. He loves that show with a passion and so does the audience, so he’s delighted to have found a way to make it all work”

Recent companions have all been played by young women, including Billie Piper, Freema Agyeman and Jenna Coleman.

The report has yet to be confirmed, that said, it wouldn’t be surprising, albeit a little disappointing, to see the BBC automatically shy away from the idea of having two women in Tardis. That’s would be a real shame.

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John Simm’s ‘The Master’ Returns to Doctor Who!

Posted on June 22nd, 2017 at 7:21 am by    

John Simm is returning as The Master in this Saturday’s Doctor Who, and I can now we reveal more about his return and provide readers with a brief rundown on the history of the evil Time Lord… Who-er!  

Doctor Who’s tenth series has been called one of the show’s best in recent history, many fans thoroughly enjoying Peter Capaldi’s final outing as the iconic Timelord.

The BBC has released the trailer for ‘World Enough and Time’ — the eleventh episode of the season — featuring Simm’s Master’s return. “Give us a kiss,” the newly goatee’d character says after a montage of clips heavily featuring Michelle Gomez’s incarnation of The Master. 

I must quickly point out though, there’s a welcome return for two classic foes of The Doctor when the two-part series finale kicks off this weekend.

It will see the Doctor and Bill played by Pearl Mackie facing the original and menacing Mondasian Cyberman, while Missy meets The Master, played again by John Simm for the first time since 2010. 

The Doctor and co arrive on a huge spaceship that’s 400 miles long and 100 miles wide and about to be sucked into a massive black hole. Viewers will find out far more about The Master’s earlier history with The Doctor over the two epsiodes, and The Master is in particularly menacing form. 

 “Thanks to the power of time travel I’m back as The Master,” said John Simm. “It’s always a pleasure to work with this great team of people and I can’t wait for fans to see what The Master gets up to.”

The shock return inevitably means the Master comes face to face with Missy, even though they’re the same person. As fans will know, Missy is a later incarnation of the Time Lord after he regenerated into her.

As both are time travellers, it’s led to the two incarnations finally meeting up, something which executive producer Steven Moffat, who’s written this adventure, had been keen to make happen for a long time, “I’d always thought it would be fun to have a story where two versions of the Master meet,” he said. “It’s not often you get to see a solo personality clash between characters, and it’s been a huge pleasure to have fan favourites John Simm and Michelle Gomez face to face in the same role.”

Can’t wait to watch!

John Simm can be seen back in Doctor Who on BBC1 and BBC America this Saturday.

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Karen Gillan the Latest Big Name to be Awarded a Tennent’s ‘Golden Can’!

Posted on May 11th, 2017 at 8:11 am by    

I’ve said it time and time again, that ever since her first appearance as Amy Pond in Doctor Who back in  2010, Karen Gillan is a girl going places!

Not content with starring in just one Hollywood blockbuster – the Scots lass currently has TWO big screen movies running at the same time – The Circle featuring Emma Watson and Tom Hanks as well as playing Nebula in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 alongside Chris Pratt. 

And if that wasn’t enough, the actress, who recently finished her directorial debut The Party’s Just Beginning now joins the ‘who’s who’ of Scottish cultural legends by scooping a Golden Can Award. Oo-er!

The hand-crafted Golden Cans specially created by Tennent’s acknowledge those who have had an outstanding impact on Scottish life and culture.

Karen, joins Irvine Welsh, Biffy Clyro, Mogwai, Jackmaster, Franz Ferdinand and Hudson Mohawke in the Golden Can hall of fame. 

The actress said: “Big thanks to Tennent’s Lager for choosing me as the next recipient of the Golden Can. I’m proud to join such a prestigious list of Scots, and can’t wait to see who’s next. Cheers!”

Alan McGarrie, Head of UK Brand Marketing at Tennent’s, said: “We created the Tennent’s Golden Can Award to recognised Scottish cultural legends and nobody would argue the Karen is a worthy recipient.

“Whether she’s travelling through time saving the galaxy (or just trying to take it over!) she’s always flying the flag for Scotland and helping prove we’ve got all bases covered when it comes to big screen talent.

“Our Golden Can hall of fame is filling up nicely, and we’ll be handing out more awards over the coming weeks and months. Let us know on social media who you think should be next.”

As I said, I have always been a big fan of Karen’s… Well done missy!

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Peter Capaldi Announces He is Quitting Doctor Who!

Posted on January 31st, 2017 at 7:50 am by    

Hurrah! Let the joyous news be spread…

Doctor Who star Peter Capaldi​ is quitting his role in the famous science fiction series, telling the BBC, “it’s time to go.” 

The Scotts Timelord will step down as the 12th actor to lead the British sci-fi Doctor Who at the end of the year. Oo-er!

The 55-year-old star started as the 12th reincarnation of the much-loved time lord in 2014 for the series’ eighth season.

In an interview on BBC Radio 2, he said: “it’s time to move on.”  Capaldi, the 12th actor to play the Doctor, an alien Time Lord who travels through space and time is expected to premiere his last season in April.

He added: “But I’m still Doctor Who. I’ve got a lot to do – we’re doing epic stuff. I’m not done yet.”

Capaldi is the fourth actor to play the enigmatic hero of time and space since the BBC relaunched the series in 2005. He followed in the footsteps of Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant, and Matt Smith.

And Capaldi isn’t the only person stepping down from the cult TV show this year. Showrunner Steven Moffat will be replaced by Chris Chibnall (Broadchurch) for the next season.

The Doctor is a member of an alien race of being called Timelords who travel through time and space in a Tardis, a vehicle shaped like a blue, telephone booth-like police-box.

The character is recast every few season as part of a quirk in which the character dies, then is regenerated in a new body. 

“Doctor Who,” first broadcast in 1963, is one of the BBC’s most popular programs around the world.

Don’t get me wrong… I think Capaldi is a great actor, he was just not the perfect Doctor Who. He was excellent as John Frobisher, a civil servant in 2009’s Torchwood: Children of Earth. In my opinion, he would have faired far better playing the The Master. But then Moffat got it wrong everytime!

Speculation began Tuesday about Capaldi’s replacement, candidates Richard Ayoade (er, NO), Rory Kinnear (Hmmm, not bad), Miranda Hart (er, NOOOOO), and David Harewood (NO, great in CW’s Supergirl, but NOT the Doctor!).

My favorite is Ben Whishaw — who plays Q in the James Bond 007 films – please give him the job!

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The Doctor and River Song Reunite For A Spectacular Christmas!

Posted on September 3rd, 2015 at 9:44 am by    

My favorite Doctor Who character is set to make a spectacular return later this year folks!

British actress, Alex Kingston returns to Cardiff to reclaim her role as Professor River Song for the highly anticipated 2015 Doctor Who Christmas special, part of BBC One’s essential seasonal viewing…

It’s Christmas Day in the future and the TARDIS is parked on a snowy village street, covered in icicles, awaiting its next adventure. Time traveller River Song meets her husband’s new incarnation, in the form of Peter Capaldi, for the first time this Christmas… Oo-er!

Day one of filming the eleventh Doctor Who Christmas special starts this week and is written by Lead Writer and Executive Producer, Steven Moffat, produced by Nikki Wilson and directed by Douglas Mackinnon (Doctor Who, Sherlock).

River Song made her first Doctor Who appearance in 2008 in ‘Silence in the Library’ and ‘Forest of the Dead’ and has appeared in 15 episodes to date.

Award winning Alex Kingston comments on her reappearance, “To be honest, I did not know whether River would ever return to the show, but here she is, back with the Doctor for the Christmas special.”

She added: “Steven Moffat is on glittering form, giving us an episode filled with humour and surprise guest castings. I met Peter for the first time at Monday’s read through, we had a laugh, and I am now excited and ready to start filming with him and the Doctor Who team. Christmas in September? Why not!”

Moffat, Lead Writer and Executive Producer, adds, Another Christmas, another special for Doctor Who – and what could be more special than the return of Alex Kingston as Professor River Song?”

He continued: “The last time the Doctor saw her she was a ghost. The first time he met her, she died. So how can he be seeing her again? As ever, with the most complicated relationship in the universe, it’s a matter of time…”

The witty line-up of guest cast joining Alex for a magical adventure on the TARDIS will be announced over the coming months.

The BBC Cymru Wales produced drama will return to BBC One on Saturday, 19 September with a 12 episode series, followed by the Christmas special on Friday 25 December.

Ooh… I can wait!

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