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Could The Rumors James Norton is to Be the Next James Bond Be True?

Posted on January 11th, 2018 at 4:45 am by    

With his cut-glass cheekbones, the sharp dinner jackets, and exotic locations: it’s no surprise that James Norton’s role in McMafia, the BBC One silky new crime drama, has seen him installed this week as the hot favourite to replace Daniel Craig as James Bond. Oo-er!

Bookmaker Coral say Granchester Norton is odds-on favourite to take charge of the franchise next. The firm have given the 32-year-old English actor odds of 1-2 to land the iconic Bond role.

This is despite the fact that Norton claims he hasn’t been approached to play 007. 

John Hill, a spokesperson for Coral, said: “James Norton’s stock as an actor is increasing all the time and we feel it won’t be long before he is approached to replace Daniel Craig as the next 007.”

Norton is followed by Tom Hardy at 7-2 to replace Craig.

After this is The American Hustle‘s Jack Huston (4-1), Polkdark Aidan Turner (12-1), Tom Hiddleston (14-1) and Idris Elba (16-1).

The news comes after a James Bond producer said she “wouldn’t hesitate” to break condition to have a female or black actor play Bond. 

Coral has also given odds of 5-1 that Bond will next be played by a female actress. Please NO!

Bond supremo Babara Broccoli said: “These films tend to reflect the times, so we always try to push the envelope a little bit.”

The producer continued: “Anything is possible. Right now it’s Daniel Craig, and I’m very happy with Daniel Craig, but who knows what the future will bring.”

But while critics call it Norton’s big audition and Twitter hyperventilates, fawning over his bare-chested beach scene, remember we’ve been in this exact spot before, in 2016, when a preening Hiddleston caught the eye as a debonair spy in the not-too-dissimilar-to-McMafia thriller The Night Manager.

After Craig had seemed to announce his retirement from Bond duty with his comment that he would rather slash his own wrists than play the secret agent again, Hiddleston was considered a shoo-in: at one point, betting was even suspended on him taking the role.

But then he began a publicity-ravenous relationship with Taylor Swift, which stripped him of any veneer of cool and unobtainability – essential 007 traits – Broccoli allegedly deemed him too “smug and not tough enough” to play the world’s most famous spy.

Craig, had ruled out returning to the Bond franchise after Spectre.

However, he has agreed to reprise the role for Bond 25.

Speculation is still rife over who his successor will be though.

So, naturally, the question on everyone’s lips is… are we looking at the future 007? Not content that Daniel Craig has signed for the next Bond film, we’re still casting around for his successor, apparently without having agreed exactly what the successful candidate requires.

I shall keep you all posted on this one!

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NEVER SAY NEVER AGAIN … Daniel Craig WILL Return as James Bond!

Posted on July 26th, 2017 at 7:09 am by    

He said he would rather slash his wrist than play James Bond a fifth time.  I thought that was a little extreme… But still, it’s SWOON-TIME folks … Daniel Craig will play Bond in at least one more film, which will be released in November 2019. Oo-er!

Back in September, reports suggested Daniel was on the verge of signing up as 007 again and now the New York Times has claimed Craig will be back in at least one more Bond film.

He will reportedly reprise his role in late 2019 when the next film in the franchise hits cinemas.

News that Craig is set to sign on the dotted line for a fifth time comes after a number of high-profile Brits were tipped to replace him.

A source previously told the Sunday Mirror: “It’s taken time but Daniel has come round and the strong consensus in the Bond offices is that Mr Craig is 007 again.”

Meanwhile Bond producer Barbara Broccoli is just as determined to get Skyfall singer Adele – who is said to be returning to live in the UK after growing homesick in America – back to record a second Bond theme tune.

The song from the 2012 movie was the first Bond theme tune to win at the Brits and Grammy Awards, as well as the Golden Globes.

The source, who is close to the “Bond25” project, added: “Craig and Adele together are the winning team, the ultimate choice, the money spinners.

“[Adele is] more of an unknown quantity but loved being part of Bond, so the signs are positive.”

The insider also claimed Daniel’s wife, actress Rachel Weisz, is “on board with the decision” for him to return as 007, even if it means spending a year away from home filming.


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‘He’s too smug’…Tom Hiddleston Ruled Out as next James Bond by Bosses!

Posted on April 5th, 2017 at 7:26 am by    

This week James Bond bosses have ruled out Tom Hiddleston as the next 007 because they say, he’s “a bit too smug”. I couldn’t agree more!

The Night Manager actor had been the hot favourite to replace Daniel Craig in the iconic spy role so this must come as a big disappointment for the British star.

According to insiders, a string of “embarrassing” stunts seem to have cost him the job, 

A pal of Bond producer Barbara Broccoli revealed: “Barbara doesn’t like Tom, he’s a bit too smug and not tough enough for Bond.”

She was also apparently unimpressed with his fling with Taylor Swift and his Golden Globes acceptance speech.

There the star-studded audience cringed as the British actor told a story about aid workers in South Sudan had wanted to “say hello (to him) because they had binged-watched The Night Manager”.

Hiddleston later apologised that his speech was “inelegantly expressed” – but Broccoli’s pal said it had made him seem “too fame hungry and shallow” to play Bond.

But whoever takes over the 007 role may have to wait. Craig, who has starred in the last four Bond movies, is in talks with Broccoli about a fifth – despite earlier saying he would rather “slash my wrists” than reprise the role.

When asked who might take over, he also said: “Look, I don’t give a f***.”
But now Broccoli is said to have talked him into staying on as Bond after working with him on a recent New York stage production of Othello.

A source said: “They have a script and will go into production as soon as Daniel is ready to commit.”

Daniel is still my hot favorite to return to the role. I hope he does!

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Next James Bond Film in Crisis: Producers Panic as Daniel Craig Still Undecided!

Posted on December 21st, 2016 at 8:13 am by    

It has been a little more than a year Spectre hit theaters and since then, the story of the next movie in the James Bond franchise has been a revolving door of confusion.  

According to sources, James Bond bosses are said to be ‘panicking’ over the proposed 2018 film as they’ve not yet got a lead actor… Oo-er! 

Producers are hoping Daniel Craig will return to the role but he’s yet to confirm whether he wants to take part.

MGM executives are reportedly at a “stalemate” with the 48-year-old star – with little contact between the camps.

An insider said: “Daniel and MGM are currently at a stalemate with him having not spoken to them about Bond.

“They have offered a bigger wage deal, and asked about his filming availability to his reps in 2017, but as yet they have not spoken to Daniel.

“They want Bond 25 out in October 2018, but currently they have no Bond, film dates or knowledge of when that will change.

“Daniel’s commitment is also a key part of whether Sony Pictures will come in to co-finance the film. So much is hanging in the air – and no-one knows.”

Sony and MGM have had a very successful partnership during the Daniel Craig era of Bond films, with 2012’s Skyfall being the high watermark of that partnership.

The movie was met with a ton of praise from fans and critics and was the first movie in the franchise to ever cross $1 billion at the box office. Spectre was a bit of a different story.

It was much more divisive among fans and critics and didn’t quite match the heights of  ‘Skyfall’ at the box office, but still brought in $880 million. But perhaps more importantly, the shoot was exhausting and took a toll on Craig.

In an interview very shortly after the movie wrapped, he famously said that he would rather “slash his wrists” than do another James Bond movie. However, he more recently walked back those comments and seemed more interested in potentially returning.

The actor is currently working with Barbara Broccoli – executive director of the Bond films – on Broadway in New York where he is starring in Othello.

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IS the “Swiddleston” Campaign a P.R Ploy to Land Tom the Role of Bond?

Posted on June 29th, 2016 at 7:35 am by    

Ok Tom, we get the point… You so badly want to be James Bond!

I’ve been saying it to anyone who’ll listen since the first pictures of “Swiddleston”… Um, that’s short for Swift and Hiddleston, surfaced in the press. This is just a P.R ploy put together by his people to help secure the role of Bond!

As someone who understands the power of P.R – good press or bad… I instantly recognize it when the machine goes into overdrive.

When I look at pictures of geeky British actor Tom Hiddleston and his new girlfriend Taylor Swift making their latest rounds in Rome — kissing and holding hands at the Coliseum in front of paparazzi — some have speculated that the fast-moving relationship may have something to do with Hiddleston’s being buzzed about for the coveted 007 role.

Put a sock down there please…I mean seriously folks, if you haven’t already seem them, check out the recent pics of skinny beanpole Tom, posing in his boxers. So ridic’!

Even American talk show host Wendy Williams slammed our Tommy as “an opportunist” on her show Monday, adding, “I’d never heard of this guy before — so how do you drum up votes [to become Bond]?”

Hiddleston was spotted with Bond franchise producer Barbara Broccoli in May. And while others rumored to be under consideration to take over for Daniel Craig include Idris Elba and Damian Lewis, outgoing Bond director Sam Mendes recently said, “Barbara Broccoli chooses who’s going to be the next Bond: end of story.”

If you ask me (and I should know), in the past I have been a part of many campaigns just like this, where an agent calls me to beef up the image of a singer, a fashion designer, a big boobed model who is about to kiss-and-tell and even the odd geeky actor who all of a sudden want to be seen as hot, just to garner them some cheap attention using the tabloids. I am good at it!

I call it playing the “fame-game”… It can also be described as playing with fire.

Tom Hiddleston take note!

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Tom Hiddleston IS in ‘Advanced Talks’ for James Bond Role!

Posted on June 2nd, 2016 at 7:28 am by    

It looks as if the gossips could be right about Tom Hiddleston becoming the next James Bond after all!

Well, that is if we believe the website, which  cites close sources who say Hiddleston IS in “advanced talks to take over the role of James Bond from Daniel Craig“. 

The article says, “If you’ve read the Bond coverage on this site, you know we don’t run tabloid rumours or speculation without clearly identifying them as such.”

It continues: “Choosing words carefully, our source confirms that while talks have indeed taken place, and that Hiddleston very much wants the job (a fact of which he’s made no secret), no official offer has been made – yet.”

Hiddleston, 35, did little to quash the rumours in a recent interview with Graham Norton, admitting that there were indeed similarities between the roles of Bond and Jonathan Pine, whom Hiddleston played in the BBC adaptation of John Le Carre‘s novel, The Night Manager.

The man Hiddleston would be replacing, Craig, has been very clear, since the release of Spectre last year, that he does not want to sign up for another Bond film.

Recently, I reported that Craig turned down £68 million to star in a further two films. One source said: “Daniel is done – pure and simple – he told top brass at MGM after Spectre. They threw huge amounts of money at him, but it just wasn’t what he wanted.”

It was also revealed this week that the Daniel has signed up for Steven Soderbergh‘s new film, Logan Lucky, about two brothers who plan a crime during a Nascar race.

Further evidence, perhaps, that his time as Bond is well and truly over.

Hand me the Kleenex now!

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Daniel Craig Rejects £68 Million offer to play 007 in two more movies’!

Posted on May 19th, 2016 at 7:44 am by    

This news breaks my heart, but according to sources, Daniel Craig has turned down a £68 million (that’s around $900 Mil U.S) offer to play James Bond in two more movies.

The 48-year-old actor – who has portrayed 007 in four films – has rejected the huge offer and told bosses he is “done” playing the suave super spy. Oo-er!

It’s thought the whopping deal would be made up of profit shares, endorsements and a role as co-producer.

A Los Angeles film source told the Daily Mail: “Daniel is done – pure and simple – he told top brass at MGM after Spectre. They threw huge amounts of money at him, but it just wasn’t what he wanted.

“He had told people after shooting that this would be his final outing, but the film company still felt he could come around after ‘Spectre’ if he was offered a money deal.”

The Hollywood actor’s future as Bond has been the subject of much speculation in recent months.

Just last week, British actor Tom Hiddleston was spotted meeting with Bond director Sam Mendes and producer Barbara Broccoli in London – fuelling rumours he could be the next 007.

An onlooker said at the time: “At first it was Barbara, Tom and another good looking young man. Then Sam Mendes joined them at about 11pm and they stayed until around 1am … There was lots of laughter; they all looked to be having a very jolly time.”

This prompted some bookmakers to suspend betting on Tom taking on the role next, but the actor insisted earlier this month that he hadn’t been offered the part and wasn’t aware that Daniel – who is married to actress Rachel Weisz – had hung up his Bond tuxedo.

He said: “The thing is, the position isn’t vacant as far as I am aware. No one has talked to me about it.

“I think the rumours have all come about because in the ‘Night Manager’ I play a spy and people have made the link.”

Last year, Daniel – who has starred as 007 in Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace, Skyfall and 2015’s Spectre – said he would “rather slash [his] wrists” than portray the spy again, but later admitted he would do another Bond movie “for the money”.

He also threw his Bond future in doubt when he signed up for 20-episode US TV series Purity.

He will be missed as James Bond!

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Tom Hardy To Become Next Bond?

Posted on November 12th, 2015 at 1:32 pm by    

Spectre starring Daniel Craig grossed a whooping 41.3 million pounds in the U.K. and 73 million dollars in the U.S. during its opening week last week and although Craig is reluctant in his interviews about doing another James Bond movie, The Mirror confirmed the producers are confident that Craig will agree to one more film. Phew!

“Spectre” is the Craig’s fourth movie as the 007 agent and although it failed to top the box office records of “Skyfall” during the opening week, the figures are still staggering, which delighted the producers according to Mirror.

On Friday, producer Michael G. Wilson confidently says that Craig will be doing a James Bond movie for the fifth time, saying, “We think we got him but we don’t have a contract.”

A source also told The Mirror that Craig isn’t going anywhere yet, “The directors know they would be daft to replace him at a stage where he is so popular. It’s almost certain he will do one more outing as Bond.”

“Then the search for a replacement will start. Daniel has always made it quite clear that he will available to play the role as long as he is required,” the source added. If Craig, indeed, agrees to do another Bond film, producers will have three more years to choose the next James Bond but as early as now, fans already have favorites including the “Mad Max: Fury Road” star Tom Hardy. Oo-er!

Last week, Time asked its readers to vote on which actor or actress they want to become the next James Bond. The polls revealed that the top choices are Idris Elba with 12.5 percent; Tom Hardy with 5.5. percent and Gerard Butler with 3.1 percent.

UnrealityTV, in its report, said that although Elba consistently tops the polls for the next James Bond, Hardy is the “most exciting” choice and with him on board, the franchise’s female fan base would certainly increase. Highsnobeity added that “there isn’t a better chameleon” than Tom Hardy in the James Bond race given his varied roled in Batman, Peaky Blinders, Bronson, Warrior, and Mad Max.

Hardy, with all his portrayals, is proven to be quite comfortable in stepping into titular character shoes.

Last September, BoyleSports (via Entertainment Weekly), an Ireland-based online betting firm, revealed that Tom Hardy is the odds-on favorite to succeed Daniel Craig with odds at 2/1, followed by Idris Elba at 3/1, Damian Lewis at 7/2 and Henry Cavill at 4/1.

I like the idea of Tom… But Daniel darling, you cannot quit… One more please!!

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