Victoria Beckham Plans to Take Over High Street Fashion Shops!

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It was only a matter of time before Victoria Beckham came to her senses … There isn’t any real money to be made from high-end couture!

Now, I hear Posh is planning to take over the high streets with a new clothing line that’s more affordable. Oo-er!

The ex-Spice Girls singer turned fashion designer wants to open a chain of shops to sell her successful clothes range.

Beckham, 43, wants to expand the business she has been running since 2008 after securing a £30million investment in her luxury brand.

The cash injection will enable her to bring her high-end designs to the high street.

“It means opening more stores where my customers can see the brand through my eyes,” said the Wannabe fashion empire boss.

“There’s so much I want to do! Investment will mean we can take our digital presence to new heights, enhancing the website, while expanding our retail network.”

The former pop star has secured the money from Neo Investment Partners, a London private equity firm.

“I am incredibly excited by what the future holds now I have a new partner in Neo,” said the mum-of-four.

Victoria, her former football ace husband David, 42 and former Spice Girls manager Simon Fuller, 57, remain the majority shareholders in the firm.

Her company would have made a £3.8m loss in 2014 if David had not bailed her out with £5.2m in cash.

“I started my brand from a small room in Simon Fuller’s office with him and David believing in me and supporting my vision,” she said.

“I now have an additional partner showing that same belief.”

The new funding will likely be used to pay off debts.

Her flagship store in Mayfair, west London, is said to cost £650,000 a year in rent alone.

Experts believe that Victoria will then look to finally turn a profit in the next two to three years with a designer alternative to high street favourites such as Topshop, H&M and Miss Selfridge.

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