John Barrowman Teases A New Series With Captain Jack!

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Back in 2006 the Doctor Who fan-favorite, Captain Jack Harkness — played by British star John Barrowman — wandered into his own spin-off journey entitled Torchwood. Oo-er!

While Barrowman made cameos for another five years on Doctor Who, fans were ecstatic to get a brand new show with their favorite omnisexual alien hunter. Torchwood lived on for five years, ending in 2011. Despite the shows dismissal, Barrowman still hasn’t hung up Captain Jack’s trench coat quite yet.

Barrowman started the Torchwood comic book series in 2016 alongside his sister, Carole, under Titan Comics. The Torchwood fanfare has lived elsewhere, first in Barrowman’s novel Exodus Code and by Big Finish Production’s Torchwood audio series. However, recently at Megacon Tampa Bay, Barrowman teased that a brand new series is coming out. And the series will reunite Captain Jack with his estranged flame/frenemy, Captain John Hart.

As reported by Cosplay and Coffee, Barrowman let slip the details about the new series during his panel at MegaCon saying: “There’s a great new series going to come out with Torchwood. I’m probably saying something out of line, but Kelsey’s [his assistant] not here to tell me not to say it.”

Barrowman goes on to explain that the story takes place in the present, with the two former lovers reminiscing on their time back when they first met. Producer James Goss told Big Finish News that the new series will be Torchwood at the helm of Captain John after he goes back in time and takes over Captain John’s previous life.

The official synopsis reads:  Big Finish News reported that this news series is entitled, The Death of Captain Jack in which James Marsters returns from his 10 year hiatus as Captain John. We last saw Captain John (played by Marsters) in the televised Season 2 of Torchwood after a rough relationship. Since his last appearance in 2008, Marsters has only talked about reprising the role.

Big Finish Production also released a sinister audio teaser with Captain John speaking to Captain Jack on his deathbed: “They tell me you’re dying. I had to see it with my own eyes. I wanted to tell you a story. About a life you didn’t have, Jack. The life I stole from you. I came here to tell you about Torchwood.”

The new series audio play comes out in their monthly range in March 2018.

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