Gal Pals? Lady V and Nikki Lund Hit the LA Party Scene in Rock ‘n’ Roll Chic!

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Girls just wanna have fun… Since when have you two been party pals? Oo-er!

40-year-old British Socialite and Model Lady Victoria Hervey was spotted messing around and taking selfies with friend and top fashion designer Nikki Lund in Los Angeles earlier this week.

The pair were on their way to a birthday party for Courtney Sixx, the wife of American musician Nikki Sixx, when they were rolling around the lawn sharing a laugh.

The two blondes arrived styled in rock’n’roll chic. Lady Victoria wore and all-in-one black jump suit finished off with a silver sequined jacket, designed by ‘Custom’ Nikki Lund, the slim-fitting outfit was topped with a black top hat.

US fashion designer Nikki looked in fantastic shape after welcoming her precious bouncing baby boy Hendrix into the world only 6 months ago. 35-year-old Lund, who grew up in Calabasas, with best friend   Kim Kardashian chose a more eclectic look, with alphabet tights and electice print and black dress combo, topped off with a cowboy-style hat. 

Both women were keen to pose for selfies as they headed to the bash. 

Victoria has never been one to shy away from the cameras, as she recently hit the small screen in reality series Living with Lady Victoria.

Nikki to advance her fashion line has partnered with entrepreneur consultant Greg Writer; Bernt Ullman, who co-founded Star Branding with fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger and Joe Simpson, the father of pop star Jessica Simpson

Joe previously helped establish the The Jessica Simpson Collection fashion line that has roughly $1 billion in annual sales.

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