Dunkirk Star Harry Styles Wishes for Fallon’s job — And Gets It!

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Be careful what you wish for, Harry Styles

Since you’re a celebrity with a blossoming solo career and acting role in a Christopher Nolan movie, you just might get it.

On Wednesday night, former One Direction pin-up – Styles’ wish did come true for a hot second when he longed to take over Jimmy Fallon’s gig as host of The Tonight Show. Oo-er!

The “Sign of the Times” singer blew into a special jade bottle Fallon got as a gift from Stevie Nicks that’s said to grant wishes. Fallon pretended to keel over from his desk as Styles hopped over to his seat. “We’ve got a great show for you tonight,” he shouted as the audience roared. 

Styles already has late-night experience, so he’d probably make a good host. He shared the stage with James Corden during a special week of The Late Late Show when he took over monologue duties and featured in multiple sketches. 

He also had a bonding experience, as he said in the clip below, with Fallon during a week on Saturday Night Live when Styles served as the musical guest. So, perhaps he’ll be taking over the Tonight Show reins at some point, after all.

Styles appeared on the Tonight Show this week to promote his role in Dunkirk, the latest feature from the director behind Interstellar and the Dark Knighttrilogy. Shot largely for 70mm film, “Dunkirk”, in theaters this weekend, dramatizes the military operation to evacuate 40,000 pinned-down troops on the beaches of France during World War II.

“There’s no like crazy backstories to any of the characters really,” Styles said. “I think they’re relatively blank slate[s] and it means that when you’re watching it, you’re kind of projecting your fear. You’re almost like watching it just imagining them as you. I found it very emotional and I was in it.”

Dunkirk is out in theaters on July 21.

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