David Beckham Shares a Snap of His Birthday Dinner!

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I’m not one to question the ways of David Beckham. He’s a legend, no doubt about it, so I say this with the utmost respect:

What’s going on ‘ere then?

While it’s nice to see even celebrities get to eat whatever they want on their big day, the meal is certainly an interesting concoction. Oo-Urgh!

Golden Balls celebrated his 43rd Birthday on Tuesday, and it looked like a rather joyous affair.

But then, on his Instagram story, the former England captain revealed his celebratory birthday feast. By the looks of the picture below, it includes eggs, pineapple, cole slaw, mushy peas, baked beans, bacon and french fries all cosied up next to each other into a big sloppy, albeit colourful plate. Yuck!

Even worse, he then captioned the snap: “Dinner of choice”, accompanied by a heart emoji. 

Meanwhile, wife Victoria posted an image herself, this time slightly more traditional, with David contently looking into the camera with a slice of cake in front of him.

She captioned the image: “Happy birthday @davidbeckham we all love u so much x #specialday! X VB”

But it was Golden Balls’ earlier dinner that set tongues wagging.

One social media user wrote: “How random was David Beckham’s birthday tea? He could have eaten any meal in the entire world and this is what he chose!”

Another said: “Thought David Beckham could do no wrong. His birthday meal of choice included; coleslaw, mushy peas AND beans.”

One user even claimed: “I love David Beckham but my god that dinner he put up on Instagram today…

“@GordonRamsay tell your mate to stop it. So many problems.”

Really, really gross if you ask me. Come on, Becks. You deserve better than that ol’ mess of a meal.

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