Did Susan Boyle Apply For a £6.00 an Hour Job at Ladbrokes?

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I almost fell off my chair at this one when I first heard it, according to the UK’s Sun on Sunday singer Susan Boyle has applied for a minimum £6.00 an hour wage job as a cashier at a branch of bookmakers Ladbrokes.

Despite earning an estimated £20 million since finishing as runner-up on ‘Britain’s Got Talent‘ in 2009, Boyle reportedly filled out an application for the job in the Blackburn, Lothian branch of the chain.

The paper claims that ‘SuBo’ saw the advert for the job on Thursday and immediately inquired about taking the role.

Deputy manager David Corr said he was shocked to see the singer in the shop and for her to then speak to him about the job.

He told the Sun: “Susan Boyle walked into the shop and inquired about the job advertised in our window. We were all in shock. She explained she was really keen on working there and she lives nearby.

Obviously she doesn’t need the money so I think she saw it as a way of getting her out of her house and taking her mind off things.”

A spokesperson for Ladbrokes confirmed: “Susan came in to the shop and asked about the part-time position. She had previously applied for a job with us before she was famous. There must be something in the Britain’s Got Talent water as [BGT judge] Alesha Dixon worked for Ladbrokes before finding fame.”

Boyle was told if she wanted the job she would have to apply online. Oo-er!

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