Sharon Osbourne Claims Simon Cowell Has a Tiny Todger!

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The outrageous former X Factor judge Sharon Osbourne lashed out at Simon Cowell yesterday on her U.S chat show The Talk, stating that Cowell is “power-mad because he’s not very well-endowed”.

Audiences gasped as the almighty-mouthed Osbourne, ranted her anti-Cowell comments on live television, stating that Simon suffers from “small-penis syndrome.” She claimed that his cocky demeanor compensates for his limitations down below!

Sharon’s outspoken comments come after the explosive revelations in a new book Sweet Revenge: The Intimate Life of Simon Cowell written by Tom Bower on which claims that she left the X Factor because of his on-off romance with Australian singer, Dannii Minogue.

However, Osbourne raged about even being mentioned in the biography, saying she did not want to know about the music mogul. She said: “He doesn’t really like me.” She added: “So why bring me into your book? I don’t want to be in your book. I don’t want to know about your fiddling with this one and that one.” 

Sharon, who works for Simon as a judge on America’s Got Talent and used to sit alongside him on the X Factor panel, she told shocked the audience, “I work for him. He’ll probably fire me now. Nobody leaves Simon. He fires you.”

Well, just for the record Sharon, I have it on good authority from a lady-friend of mine who has seen Mr. Cowell’s manhood, and she told me told me  that his pecker wasn’t too bad at all…

I thought I’d would throw that one out there for, ahem, “good measure”… Er, no pun intended!

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