Brits Abroad: Borg ‘n’ Morgan in Hollywood!

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Sean Borg with Piers Morgan

It seems you can’t go anywhere in Hollywood these days without bumping into someone you know from England.

On Sunday night I was with my mate Simon Boyce at Cecconi’s, West Hollywood, having a quiet dinner after spending a lovely day in Malibu at the home of film director Marcus Nispel.

As always happens when you’re not planning on seeing anyone I bumped into Rock n Rolla star Toby Kebbel at the bar who tells me he’s out for America’s Got Talent judgePiers Morgan’s birthday.

In my shorts and T-shirt I wasn’t exactly dressed for the occasion but Piers and I go waaaay back so I had to pop over to his table and say hi…

I met Piers in the late eighties when I was in Public Relations and Piers was the showbiz columnist for The Sun newspaper. We’d often have screaming matches down the phone about the crap Mr Morgan peddled about my celebrity clients. Well, OK, half the time it was true, but I had to try and keep it out of the press, didn’t I? Besides no amount of screaming ever stopped him, if anything it made it worse!

But that was a long time ago and these days I have a lot of respect for Piers. I love all his books and TV shows, and now he’s a bit of a star himself – how funny is that… His dinner guests were quite famous too, and included Fantastic Four star Ioan Gruffudd and his wife Alice Evans, Amanda Holden and actress Jane Wall.

Plus, he now knows what it’s like to be on the other end of the media glare after a rather high profile and public sacking from The Mirror that was all over the papers (sorry Piers, I couldn’t resist bringing it up). But like any star worth his salt he made a comeback, and more than proved that like his TV show he’s got talent too!

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    Nice job seanie…you wrote really well x

    simon — April 8, 2009 @ 5:45 pm

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