Money bags: Beckham’s Blinging Chrimbo Gift!

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For some of us, the economic downturn is about shopping our closets and brown bagging our lunches to save a little extra cash, but as the rest of the world draws in its belts and tries to ride out the recession…

It appears Victoria Beckham is doing quite the opposite as she proudly showed off her pricey Christmas prezzie from husband DAVID – an £80,000 HANDBAG when she atended his debut game for AC Milan in Dubai…

The bag is named after British-born French actress Jane Birkin and has hundreds of diamonds, including a three-carat sparkler on the lock.Customers must wait six years for some Birkin pieces.

But sadly girls the waiting list for the Himalayan is closed – and those already on it have to wait at least four years according to my fashion snob pals.

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