Daniel Radcliffe’s a Wizard with his Wand!

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British star Daniel Radcliffe reckons his prowess between the sheets is all down to keeping off the booze… Good boy!

The 25-year-old actor said: “For some people sex might be better drunk. But for me and the person I’m doing it with it’s much better sober.

“I’m one of the few people who seem to have had a really good first time…

Adele’s Kid is Rolling in the dosh!

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The legally savvy certainly start, ahem, young these days, don’t they… British singer Adele’s one-year-old baby has just won a five-figure legal battle… Oo-er!

In fact, her nineteen-month-old son Angelo can afford to treat his mum after being awarded a five-figure sum in a legal case…

Sean Stewart and Nikki Lund… Just Good Friends?

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Fashion designer turned pop singer Nikki Lund looked hot in her workout gear while hanging out with her childhood pal Sean Stewart on a hike in L.A a few days ago.

Lund, who grew up with the likes of Sean, his sister Kimberley Stewart and the Kardashian clan having been raised in Beverly Hills owns a chic fashion label with musician …

Tess Daly Eyes US Telly Career!

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Many have tried, and oh so many have failed… Ant and Dec, Denise Van Outen and even Robbie Williams have all tried to crack it is the states, and all of the failed miserably…

Now, Strictly Come Dancing host, Tess Daly is hoping to land a plum job in the States. The British TV star, 44 (not a spring chicken …

Flipping the Becks!

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David Beckham

Road rage happens to the best of us at times… But not often to “Mr. nice guy” David Beckham, who, unlike his Poe-faced missus Victoria, is always seen smiling in public. So, what happened here then?

Apparently, a couple of followers got a little too close to comfort when the ex-Soccer hottie was leaving Soul Cycle gym in Brentwood, Los Angeles…

Victoria Beckham is Voguing Again!

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Victoria Beckham / Vogue

Victoria Beckham has given an exclusive interview for the August edition of fashion bible Vogue (UK) and from what I can tell after reading it, life at Beckingham Palace has sitcom potential… Oo-er!

You could be forgiven for thinking “Lady” Beckham’s latest interview was really just a tongue-in-cheek insight into the glamorous world of hers and…

Emma Watson Named as UN Women Goodwill Ambassador!

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Emma Watson

Ex-Harry Potter actress, Emma Watson has been made a UN Women Goodwill Ambassador…

The UN Women’s website crashed due to the interest in the news.

The British star who completed her degree at Brown University last month said: “Being asked to serve as [a] UN Women’s Goodwill Ambassador is truly…

BBC Breach as Five Doctor Who Scripts Leaked Online!

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Doctor Who

The BBC has confirmed that five scripts from the upcoming season of Doctor Who have surfaced online. The breach of security is believed to be unprecedented in the history of the show.

The top secret scripts for five as yet unseen episodes surfaced online over the weekend are the real deal according to sources…

Craig Robert Young Named as Jag’s New Villain!

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Craig Robert Young

Jaguar’s new campaign “Follow the Villain” has it all — a mysterious British bad boy, an enigmatic leading lady, dramatic car chases and striking backdrops!

After having Brits stars Mark Strong, Avengers star Tom Hiddleston, Oscar winning actor Ben Kingsley in the US Super bowl “It’s Good to Be Bad” commercial, Jaguar is continuing its five part series of…

Daniel Radcliffe Wants To Play Robin in Batman!

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Daniel Radcliffe

In an interview with BuzzFeed, Daniel Radcliffe has revealed that he’d love to star in an upcoming ‘Batman’ movie as the Dark Knight’s sidekick Robin in the upcoming super-flick Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Asked which franchise he’d like to join next, his rapid-fire answer said it all…

Sean Stewart Soaks Up the Malibu Surf with Fashion Nikki Lund!

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Sean Stewart and Nikki Lund

Sean Stewart, son of the legendary British rocker Rod Stewart caught up with his with childhood friend – fashion designer Nikki Lund in Malibu last weekend as the paps spotted the pair soaking up the sun (and sea) on a day at the beach.

As they splashed around in the Pacific Ocean, the designer looked “white hot” in her teeny-bikini while …